A Smart Recovery Body Pillow to Reduce Neck & Lower Back Pain.

Relax more, ache less, sleep better, feel refreshed!

 Designed to offer support to your whole body, a body pillow is ideal for side sleepers, where the microbeads can be manoevered and adjusted unlike traditional miocrofiber or memory foam to best support the contours of your body and joints. 

Our body pillows are designed to reduce pressure on your  muscles and joints by supporting key areas such as your neck and pelvis whilst keeping your spine aligned.


More than 50% of people sleep on their side  & more than 40% struggle with body aches, with neck and back pain reported most common

Body pillows reduce pain and discomfort associated with sleep,with the most common pain reported being neck and back pain due to poor alignment.


The following are examples of circumstances that may require support offered by body pillows:



 Where bodies are pushed to their maximum benefit from smart recovery support offered  by our body pillow, allowing for better quality sleep  whilst supporting the muscle repair  and joints optimally to keep you injury free and more rested. Adequate sleep reduces time to reach fatigue, a body pillow ensures a better night's sleep.


Post Operation Recovery:

Being bed ridden can be most uncomfortable and leave you with aches and pains from lying for extended periods  in a static position. A body pillow is best when used in the recovery position when lying down and can be used as a neck and back support when in  a seated position.



As your body changes,your suppport needs change. Our body pillow can be moulded to your unique contours, offering a feeling of weightlessness and relief to your muscles and joints.


General Pains:

Pains associated with sleeping range from neck, back, shoulder, leg & hip pain.

Our microbead filling and cotton cover options are hypoallergenic and highly customisable to support the contours of your body, unlike traditional microfiber and memory foam filling. Our  body pillows can be refilled  over the years too as an optimal sustainable solution.



Our covers come in a range of colours and textures with optional decorative rings and ribbons to customise your pillow.



Pillows should be used with a cover securely attached at all times.

Not suitable for use by children unless supervised.