A Smart Recovery Body Pillow

 Reduces Neck & Lower Back Pain.

Relax more, ache less, sleep better, feel refreshed!






Our founder is a skin & soft tissue therapist practising across Surrey & London.


     Our 3-D body support pillows and selection of wraps and decorative ribbons, ties & coloured rings are a firm favourite of the entire family.

Just as napkin rings were historically used to identify a person's napkin, you can personalise your cushion with our decorative rings, ribbons & ties.

You can be sure this will be the most popular comfort pillow in the home, with everyone wanting their own huggable support pillow.

 Offering comfort like no other, molding to support the contours of your body, assisting to reduce neck, lower back pain, and hip discomfort, by gently supporting and taking pressure off the joints as microbead body pillows are known to do.


Our Eco hybrid option includes buckwheat hull husks for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Highly recommended by Health Care Practitioners,as an aid to sleep better whilst taking pressure off joints.

 Ideal as a post sports recovery aid and are a great alternative to the traditional  two-dimensional microfibre pillows.

A great comfort for those in care homes confined to their bed, or perhaps single and missing a cuddle buddy!

Body pillows are a necessity for your health & best rest!


Time to start supporting your whole body in 3-D!



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