A Smart Recovery Body Pillow to Reduce Neck & Lower Back Pain.

Relax more, ache less, sleep better, feel refreshed!

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Large 3D Body Pillow
49.00 GBP
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Post operative support pillow.

Our version of the Japanese hugging pillow, molds around your body, offering specific lumbar support.

Great as a sports recovery or support  pillow

Relieves back pain and hip discomfort whilst in side lying sleep position.

Muscle recovery from exercise.

Moulds to your body shape.

Long enough to curl around at night.

This long body cushion can be used by everyone in the family.

This full-flex lumbar support cushion allows you to sleep in the recovery position with full support relieving tension and pressure on the lower spine.


Unlike traditional microfibre fillings, the microbeads provide a firm yet mouldable support cushion. The cushion has a zip allowing the filling to be topped up or replaced if required.


NOTE: Excludes the recommended washable pillow wrap.

 (sold separately.)


Extra large 149cm x 71cm girth .


Comes with a storage bag.


Ask about our environmentally friendly hybrid option of bio-foam beads and buckwheat hull husks.



Whether you're recovering from an injury, suffering from lower back or neck pain,

or just want a cuddle buddy,

We have the sleep solution for you!


Our UK made 3-D cylindrical shaped body comfort pillows offer maximum comfort.

Long body pillows can align your spine, providing neck, lower back, hip & ankle support, which support emphasis can be customised to your changing body's needs.

Our body pillows are filled with a microbead filling or customised hull husk/ bead filling.


The additional weighted support option from an eco hybrid hull husk microbead combination is one of our unique offerings, together with an inner zip that allows filling to be topped up or even replaced over the years.

Your body will thank you with a  great nights sleep, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and discomfort-free.


More than 70% of people in England complain of a poor nights sleep - you won't be one of them with our 3-D body support pillow.

Customise your pillow with our selection of wraps and decorative rings & ties.


Gift a great night's rest to your loved ones with our 3d smart recovery body support pillows made in the UK.